Performer Profile ~ you really are a star in the making!

Being the star of any show clearly defines the Performer. They are creative, ambitious, highly driven and successful. 

They are also very image conscious. A perfectionist by nature, they are very competent and adaptable and always ready to take on challenges. 

Their working style constantly involves loving success and they are a sparkling personality under the limelight. 

They are mostly preoccupied with the “LOOK AT ME IDEA” by attempting something new just to get that extra attention. 

A high-energy person of which verbal articulation and creativity come together as a second nature. They are fluent and persuasive and ready to work hard towards achieving their goals. 

The Performer however, can be highly critical of themselves and others, sometimes, resulting in taking things a tad too far in trying to please everyone. 

In terms of career, they will do well as educators or consultants. They will flourish in the field of advertising, marketing or branding. They have the ability to come up with out-of-the-box ideas and thrive as designers or as motivational speakers as well. 

Need an example? 

Look at Gordon Ramsay - best known as a British superstar chef, TV personality and restaurateur. He is a great example of a notable Hurting officer personality.

Curious to know if this is your profile...? 

Login to Joey's profile software and find out if you could be the next Gordon Ramsay....?  

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