Artisan Profile ~ an original and innovative thinker!

The Artist profile typify the Renaissance men and women of any group: intellectual, learned, and displaying a wide range of interests and competencies. 

They are firm believers that life itself should be lived like it is a work of art.

When it comes to working style, Artists profiles are HIGHLY CREATIVE and prolific in their output. 

They dislike staleness, often finding new ways to do the same thing and INDEPENDENCE also play a major key in their work style. 

Their ideas are usually original and shine best where there is freedom given to them. Because of this, they enjoy working alone with their own set of rules. They wouldn’t do so well in a structured environment since they don’t really like to be told what to do or how to do a job. 

The more room they are given to think and get creative, the better and stronger their results get.

You can find the Artist profile thriving in the creative world. They feed on knowledge and are constantly hungry to know more: Journalism, Fine Arts and Arts are all fields where an Artist profile would excel in. 

Take Michael Jackson for an example. Being one of the world’s best known superstars, he used his astute sense of emotional intelligence to craft amazing original music and songs, marking him as a true Artist profile. 

If you have EG in the chart and it's a strong one, you tend to fall in love with your work and let your work do the talking: overly strong EG's can sometimes be blind-sighted by this.

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