Friend Profile ~ a friendly ear to everyone around you!

The Friend profile is known as the consummate networker and the ultimate people person. 

They are super resourceful and an excellent delegator, usually having all the right materials and resources to the right people. 

It seems like they are almost intrinsically blessed with the ability to charm people and hold their attention too. 

Just like the term “friend,” they are known as the CONNECTORS and prefer being in the middle of things as opposed to being on the outside. 

Their work style majorly involves connection and engagement. They’re very good at recognizing others’ strength and weakness and will always be sensitive towards it. 

The Friend profile will thrive in fields involving connection, engagement, and in positions where it requires winning people over. Schmoozing and mingling and forging strategic alliances is a piece of cake for those with Friend profile – which is a key quality of good marketers, public relation agents, negotiators and even top-level management. 

They will not be happy to be in roles that requires them to deal with paperwork or face a wall all day. Lack of human interaction will greatly suppress their potential. 

Really, they’ll shine in just about anything which involves constant human interaction!

A notable and well-balanced Friend profile is Richard Branson – a British entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Brand.

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