Warrior Profile ~ natural leader at the frontlines of a battle!

The Warriors are natural born leaders and usually find themselves at the frontlines of any battle. 

They have a DO WHATEVER IT TAKES mentality that gives them laser like focus especially when resolving problems. 

Amongst the 10 profiles, the warriors are the ones that roll up their sleeves and don’t mind one bit about getting their hands dirty. 

With their DO FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER mind-set, they dive headfirst into challenges. 

Warriors can be temperamental when being pressured and sometimes they can be too stringent and inflexible too. 

But if you have given a clear goal or task, they will find a way or bulldoze their way to get there. 

The 7K profile is at its best when put in roles management and leadership. They usually have traits that are prized above all else in organizations as they lead the entire team into ‘business warfare’. 

And because we live in a world where EXECUTION wins over GREAT IDEAS, 7K is seen as one of the most vital ingredients of a successful business or career. 

A notable 7K personality is George Soros, who is famously known as the “Man Who Broke The Bank Of England”. 

Oh and by the way, 7K (for Women only) represents the ‘Boyfriend’ star. 

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