Director Profile ~ a people manager & take charge person!

The Director profile is known for their innate ability to manage people and situations. 

They are the ones who will usually be in control - taking charge and making decisions come naturally to them. 

They are task oriented but need constant challenges to keep them motivated. They have clear sight on what their objectives are and are usually quick to work towards achieving them. 

The one thing the Director profile can’t stand, is laziness or being complacent. 

At work, authority, fame or glamour is not what the Director profile is after. 

They don't really care about acknowledgement nor being appreciated. And they need no motivation as they are driven from the inside. 

They thrive when given autonomy, the space and independence to work hard from the inside. Given their strong personality, The Directors usually have the upper hand when it comes to creating productive structures, systems and producing effective work processes in an organization.

These strong characteristics are exactly what makes the Director profiles the perfect candidates to venture into law enforcement fields. 

To them, everything needs to be accounted and vouched for and no leeway will be given when it comes to misconducts, wrong doings and misdemeanour. 

They're naturally drawn to roles such as law enforcement, finance and operations. 

Here's something a little extra. DW 正財 is a wealth star and it's the first thing 90% of people will look for. 

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