Feng Shui

Feng Shui & Qi Together in Harmony

Feng Shui seeks to create a space that is energetically pleasing, and encourages people to live in harmony with their space.

It is considered that "Qi rides the wind, and is dispersed, but is retained when it encounters water" 

Such a simple quote that has tremendous meaning, and speaks to the distribution and collection of Qi - both of which must be done carefully and in the correct order. 

Feng Shui works directly with Qi to help you achieve a balanced and prosperous life.

Understanding the time factor (Heaven) connection with the interior / exterior environment (Earth) gives us the foundation of Feng Shui, providing people with the drive and impetus to succeed in their life. 

This connection is made possible through "Qi" which is the life-force underlying everyone and everything: connecting people to their environment with unseen thread-like connections. 

Qi can be felt in the moves of Tai Chi, the needle of an Acupuncturist, and the blow of a karate kick - and yet cannot be measured by any machine known to man...

When a person reaches Qi enlightenment, or a space is balanced with positive Qi flow, life improves dramatically. 

We are always wise to work with the natural forces, as they are here to assist us be the best we can truly be. 

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