Philosopher Profile ~ you are such a deep thinker!

As indicated by the name, Philosopher profiles are known for their insights and wisdom. 

They are great at the game of strategy, often having thought-provoking and unconventional subject of interest. They are curious and are keen to understand how things or even the world works while others might simply call it the ‘mysteries’ of the universe. 

Being curious about almost everything is what drives the Philosophers to take the initiative and be inventive in what they do. You can hardly find them to be complacent or lazy on a job. They are intellectually talented and love working with tasks that requires researching, collecting or analyzing data. 

What does this mean? 

It means those with this profile will constantly have insightful feedbacks even on matters that may seem complex to others. 

Philosopher profiles are also full of ideas and will never fail when it comes to finding ways to execute their ideas. This makes them excellent in handling tasks and projects. However, philosophers need time and space away from other people in order to allow their minds to fully engage with all the creative possibilities their minds have envisioned. It simply is how they work. 

The more room they are given to think, ponder and analyze, the stronger their results will turn out to be. They don’t necessarily need to be in the spotlight in what they do. 

Philosophers will be happy indulging their creativity in the arts or even working in research that is unique and groundbreaking. They’ll fit well in academia but can also perfectly navigate between the sciences and the arts depending on their interest. They will also be able to adapt in finance and economics as a strategist, thinking or even a theorist. 

Their unique sense of vision also will make them excellent writers or artists.

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