Pioneer Profile ~ you are definitely game for anything aren't you!

The Pioneer profile is known for their resourcefulness, inventive, original and no-holds barred approach to life. They have the Midas-like touch when it comes to risky ventures but these are the traits that will enable them to go where no person has gone before. 

They’re impatient and has a mind which has already leapt ahead several steps due to their street-smart shrewdness and intelligence. 

Their aim in life is to make a mark on the world – this includes inspiring other people too. 

A Pioneer profile will not be too comfortable working in a risk-free desk job with a steady routine. Their work style mainly involves taking authority and creating action – taking matters into their own hands. They’re quick to think and fast in resolving problems and finding solutions. 

Pioneer profiles will make excellent visionary leaders – setting vision and guiding others to follow through, making it a reality. 

Their leadership style is committed to the development of a vision, a view that will excite and convert potential followers. For those with this profile, they will thrive in leaderships and managerial positions in any fields, be in sales, marketing and even advertising. They’ll also excel if they were to venture into entrepreneurship – their risk taking nature and the ability to cook up ideas from scratch will come in handy here. 

Did you know that one of the co-founders of Google Inc. Larry Page is an IW profile?

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