Leader Profile ~ definitely captivating & inspirational!

Leader profiles are often charismatic, captivating types who inspire, persuade and motivate people to rally around them – thus, they tend to make very effective and personable leaders. 

They can easily see other people and events in general as possibilities for success while others may only see them as it is. Leaders are also often tough, no-nonsense and go-getters. They see something they want and they’ll do what they can to go get it. 

Regardless of where Leader profiles choose to work, certain job scopes and roles are better suited to their nature than others. Just like the name, their style of work involves TAKING THE LEAD. 

They tend to dislike being at the backend merely following instructions. They are not a big fan of pencil pushing, or sitting behind a computer crunching data. Instead, they need a group of people or teams in order to succeed. 

They shine in jobs that allows them to exercise their sense of initiative at the forefront – brand consultants, leaders or even CEOs will very well suit their temperament. 

They very much enjoy being ‘the face’ of something they do. 

The Leaders are also risk takers. They are not afraid to take the gamble when it comes to money. So jobs as investors and trades would very much suit those with this profile too. 

Know someone with the Rob Wealth profile? Observe and you will recognize these traits.

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