Feng Shui

How do we Define Feng Shui ~ Sha Qi & Sheng Qi?

How do we define Feng Shui? 

Well, the easiest explanation I can give is ‘Feng Shui is the study of Qi, and how to use it to our advantage’.

That does beg the next question though, which is ‘What is Qi’? 

Qi is made out of Yin and Yang and is the Invisible Forces affecting all of us.

Simply put, Qi can be separated into Sheng Qi (Growth Qi) and Sha Qi (Killing Qi).

The key to good Feng Shui is to allow your property to receive as much Sheng Qi as possible so that you can gain its effects which include good opportunities, prosperity, and sharper intellect. 

You also have to reduce the amount of Sha Qi, otherwise, it might reduce your vitality or negatively affect your thoughts and performance.

Qi is admitted into your house through the Main Door and the Balcony if you have one. 

An excellent Feng Shui tip is to keep the Main Door opening spacious and roomy so that Qi can collect in those areas, before spreading throughout your house.

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