If you like to manage others you could be a Wealth (Manager) Structure

The dynamic and results-driven Wealth Structure folk – otherwise known as Managers – are the kind you’d expect the stereotypical boss to be. 

With an appetite for success, Managers are highly competitive individuals that thrive in adversity, like a blade honing its edge as it goes against the grindstone. 

Their love for challenge is nicely paired with the confidence and mental focus to tackle whatever task is at hand. It tends to be ‘my way or the high way’ for Managers; they absolutely love being able to exert control and have things done in their vision.

At their best, Managers are shining beacons that guide friends and colleagues to make better decisions. These guys tend to put in great effort to find out the best course of action to take, and as a result, are sure that their method is the right one. 

If you love being told what to do, there is no one that loves doing the telling more (or is better at it) than a Wealth Structure person! On the flipside, a person with this Structure should remember that too much control is constricting for others, as Managers have a tendency of being control freaks and even possessive at their worst.


Wealth Structure people make great entrepreneurs, as their own business is the perfect venture where they have the full control and freedom to implement their own vision into reality. Nurturing a business from its infancy onward is a very challenging task that would appeal greatly to the independent and confident Manager.

Work environments that grant a large degree of autonomy would be a boon for Wealth Structure people. Blessed as natural leaders, they have the strength of character and smarts to be perfect candidates for management level roles and other positions of authority. 

Whether it’s as a CEO, political leader, military/law enforcement leader or Chief of Staff, Wealth Structure people thrive when setting guidelines, rules and regulations, while happily managing everything even to the most minute detail!

As a rule of thumb, if you’re a Wealth Structure person, steer clear of any career path that doesn’t afford you the freedom to do things your way. Jobs that are mundane and don’t mirror the dynamic nature of the Wealth Structure person should also be avoided; we’re sorry to say that you probably won’t thrive in a predictable work scenario.

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