Can you Influence others (Supporter) Structure?

The real ‘nice guys’ of any workplace, Influence Structure people are nourishing, pleasant and diplomatic. With a calm head, they are adept at diffusing hostile scenarios, making them ideal mediators. 

Given their innate tendency in wanting to get along harmoniously with their colleagues, Influence Structure people fit snugly in areas where teamwork and cooperation is vital and appreciated.

Having no particular fondness for the limelight, these Supporters would happily take the backseat and allow others to have a prominent role at work. Influence Structure people should be mindful of their passive nature, however. Lacking drive, these personalities would rather sit around and wait for an order to fulfill rather than take the initiative themselves.


Influence Structure people are great at following rules and respect the status quo, making law enforcement a notable prospect for them to consider professionally. Their strong sense of integrity and inborn adherence to the law makes for fine supervisors and personnel in such a field. These traits would be suited for administrative positions within the corporate sector too, as they would ensure a fair and pleasant environment for all involved.

Additionally, these characters aren’t fans of surprises and last minute changes. Instead, they prefer stable, well-structured and orderly work. As nurturers, they should also look toward the field of education as lecturers or teachers, because providing support to young minds will be very fulfilling to them. They’re also patient and slow to annoy, making them great people to guide young students. 

Human Resource departments are yet another avenue these Supporters would be thrive in, as they can utilize their talent for dealing peacefully with employees while keeping company policies in mind. Leadership isn’t their strong suit though. Influence Structure people would do well to avoid jobs that put them at the forefront of decision-making. 

Contrary to Wealth Structure people, Influence Structure people are more followers than leaders, and thus are better suited to executing plans rather than making them.

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