Are you part of the Companion (Connector) Structure?

Almost a living, walking social media network, Companion Structure people act as the bonds that connect people together. These characters are friendly, accommodating and are generally social savants. Companion Structure people are the most likely to know everyone in the office personally, thanks to their superlative social skills and outgoing personality. They also tend to be rather persuasive.

This also means that certain Companion Structure people can also be rather crafty and manipulative, a twisted reflection of their otherwise positive qualities. Reputation matters to them, which can manifest poorly, as it is not uncommon for a negative Companion Structure person to step over the heads of others to climb the corporate ladder.


Companion Structure people typically carry with them a vibrant, perhaps even youthful energy to the workplace, which makes them perfect for action-filled, fast-paced environments, such as professional sports. 

Being chained to a routine desk job is not a recommended pairing with their traits and talents, so if given the option, they should probably avoid work that heavily focuses on report writing, auditing and the like.

Instead, these characters should opt for Media and Communications related fields, where they can fully display their mastery of the art of persuasion as well as their superior social skills. Companion Structure people should focus on careers that centres around dealing with clients, customers and other personalities. 

Journalism, public relations, sales and marketing, event management and broadcasting are just some examples of job fields that a Companion Structure person will thrive in.

The political playground is yet another field these Connectors would have fun in, given that they love the limelight and are gifted at negotiations and diplomacy. The campaign work and legislations involved in politics also play upon their natural strengths.

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