What does the Output (Creator) Structure look like?

Creatively inclined, Output Structure people are usually the ones that spur innovation with their unorthodox mindset and thought process. If you’re looking for great, workable ideas, Output Structure people should be the first on your go-to list. 

Generally hilarious and witty, these expressive individuals are verbally adept and articulate, sometimes even eccentric with their wild gestures and mannerisms. 

Output Structure people do share a similar downside to Companion Structure people, however; they can be rather willing to further their own agenda at the expense of others. Also, Output Structure folk tend to exaggerate and be excessively dramatic, and should take heed to not let that side of them adversely impact the workplace.


Output Structure people are filled to the brim with creative expression, so artistic endeavours such as the Performing Arts are a great and fulfilling way for them to put their skills to good use. 

Most careers that dabble in self-expression, be it writing, graphic design, music or movies, are all fair ground for the Output Structure person to explore professionally. 

As potent idea generators and being unafraid to break the mold, Output Structure characters will thrive in organizations that constantly need to adapt its strategy and methodologies to evolve alongside the ever changing, technology-oriented environment of today. 

These people should also consider a career in advertising, branding, sales or marketing as all of them put the Output Structure person’s core talents to work.

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