Are you a Resource (Thinker) Structure?

Pragmatic and analytical, those with this Structure are typically the solution providers of the work force. Facts and figures may be dull to everyone else, but it’s essentially nourishment for the Resource Structure person’s soul; information is all-important to them, after all. 

Being deep thinkers, Resource Structure people usually love to tackle an issue or problem at its core, and excel at discovering the intricacies and nuances behind any project, task or procedure.

Proper and orderly, you can count on these guys (and girls) to meticulously research something before executing the task to ensure its done satisfactorily. That tendency to be so thorough does mean that a Resource Structure person can sometimes be excessively fussy and slow. 

Generally going ‘by the book’, this can also translate to these characters being rather dull and too concerned with the mundane. They should take care not to be too engrossed by the tiniest details.


Professional environments where facts and numbers reign supreme are thrilling to the average Resource Structure person, so the fields of accounting and analytics would be ideal for them to exercise their amazing attention to detail and information.

Research and Development (R & D) work is yet another that greatly appeals to the nature of Resource Structure person. Meticulous research and finding conclusive results will satiate their methodological and orderly persona. Other suitable jobs for this Structure include the Sciences and Computer Science. 

Protracted work hours where you’re desk-bound poring over a sea of data would drain most, but not a Resource Structure person, who would appreciate the strict routine instead! 

These characters could also look toward consultancy as an option, as the job scope does entail a detailed study and processing of information to arrive at sound, precise solutions...

Because Knowledge is Power.

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