Ming Gua 2

You are of earth quality, reliable, stable and strong!

Generally a traditionalist, you are likely to be conservative in your approach, with a tendency to mull things over before making a decision: a little procrastination is comfortably in your routine.... 

A very loyal friend, your social circle is broad, and you often self-sacrifice to put the needs of others before yourself. 

In the bigger picture, there are two types of earth Ming Guas: soft earth and hard earth. You my friend fall into the hard earth category, which can give credence to the phrase “If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you...” 

Don't get mad because I said that, you know there is some truth to it, so own it - after all, this also means you believe in yourself, which is good! 

Strong earth is somewhat like a mountain, a little hard to move at times, possibly stubborn, and rather strong willed. This is not all negative, as you know who you are, and that is a good thing! 

Stubbornness may become your biggest challenge, and it is important to realize that your way is not the only way, as once you open up to other's ideas, maybe your mountain can grow...

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