Ming Gua 3

As the first of two wood Ming Guas, you are rather crafty aren't you... 

With an inner determination like no other, you are fearless, bold and persistent - wow what a combination...! 

You are like a new growth in Spring, pushing through the soil and letting nothing stand in your way. With a strong love of life, you enjoy everything around you, and make sure everyone knows it! 

Being noticed is important to you, I expect you make an entrance into every room, somewhat like a clap of thunder announcing Springs arrival.. and you are a force to be reckoned. 

You may hold guard over others, rather like the high canopy of a tree, and this can somewhat overwhelm some. However, on the flip side, some people will feel sheltered by your loving and protective embrace, and want to be near you for shelter. 

I expect you have many varied areas of interest, rather like a tree branch reaching outwards to see what it can touch. You may like to change careers due to becoming bored, as you have a thirst for knowledge and new experiences. 

Impulsive and somewhat stubborn, we can liken you to Ming Gua #2 at times.... however you do have a good sense of humour... and if you have dimples on your face... boy I bet you are sarcastically cheeky to boot..!

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