Ming Gua 4

As our second wood Ming Gua, you are softer and more compromising... 

We can easily liken you to bamboo, bending beautifully in the wind, willowy and flexible... isn't that a nice picture! 

More subdued and hesitant compared to your Gua 3 cohorts, you will often think inwardly, not rush things and can adapt well to new situations. You instinctively know when to proceed and when to retreat, and are cautiously optimistic. 

You take great care in how you present yourself, and in your personal appearance, as you wish to show a positive persona to anyone looking. 

Romantic and social, you are an easy and good communicator, with a strong academic streak. I expect you have lots of friends and enjoy networking, and possess strong entrepreneurship skills, primarily because you also have an independent streak. 

On the downside though, you have moments of strong emotion, with moods changing in the wind.... Your flexibility tends to encourage a somewhat bending of the rules to suit your needs, and that can be very creative indeed….it can also get you into trouble... however I expect you are just fine aren't you....

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