Ming Gua 6

The first of two metal Ming Guas, you may appear rather rigid like steel. 

However you are actually quite soft within... You have the ability to lead very well.....and definitely.... are less likely to follow

With such steel around you, there may be moments when others simply cannot argue with you: you won’t stand for it, and you certainly won't bend.... Most often a strict disciplinarian, you are possibly headstrong and obstinate as rules are important and you like to see them adhered to! 

Now if that feels wrong as you read this, let's flip it around... you may not be as strict as I just mentioned... but I bet you like order, guidelines and rules right..? That is how such strong metal may show through you. 

If there are some other factors in your birth chart... you may be hard to get along with, because you are a goal orientated perfectionists and very focused - however, certainly not written in stone. 

With your shoulders pulled back, you can be very proud, and will not air your dirty laundry in public. 

Sometimes though, such a strong stance can cause loneliness and depression, it is good to learn not to take things too seriously - don't think so much!

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