Ming Gua 7

Our second metal Ming Gua, we could say you are soft...

Outwardly you may appear soft, rather like gold that can be formed into beautiful jewellery, but things are not quite what they seem.... you are actually super strong!  

You possess a wonderful effervescence that sparkles around you, which is quite contagious and you can be the life of the party....when you want to be

Often outwardly beautiful, this may encourage a rather egotistical stance, but you know what... you probably deserve it, so I say strut your stuff for all to see! 

Public speaking and sales are great areas for you, because you make points effectively and clearly: people like that about you. Such a way with words is wonderful... however it can cut both ways. 

You can have moments of soothing wise words, and moments of argumentative slicing ones. Sometimes this makes it hard for others to tell whether you have just caressed them....or cut them down to size - probably sarcastically... Did you compliment... or condemn them..? 

With a sharp and skilled, slightly cunning nature, you may be hard to get to know; in fact you are likely to be very private. Keeping your cards close to your chest, you leave others on the outside at times, most often working on a need to know basis... I kinda like that about you...

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