Ming Gua 8

And here we have the much softer side of the earth Ming Guas! 

Somewhat akin to those expansive rolling hills we like to roam, that allow us to exhale deeply, Gua 8 enters the room..! 

Ahh... you are a nurturer, with a very down to earth, practical and reliable approach to life. A natural networker and supporter, you gather people together and have an ability to generate and inspire them. 

Not one to sit still (remember you are not the mountain earth 2), you are a doer rather than a thinker and probably don’t like to beat around the bush: why wait ‘til tomorrow, when you can do it today right! 

I expect you are very confident in who you are, firm in your convictions, and possess a thirst for learning. Once you have put your ego aside, you can be a great leader, and sometimes a follower - depends on who is leading though, they better be good, or you will overtake them.... 

Careers in earth industries like real estate, investments and banking are often beneficial for you. If we look to the 5 elemental sequence (because earth is the mother of metal) you can accumulate money once you set your intent. On the downside.... you are likely super-sensitive, often internalizing everything, so you need to learn to express your emotions, and not hold them in all the time....

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