Ming Gua 9

Such a star, you are born of fire with tremendous spark!

Very warm-hearted, energetic, affectionate, and expansive in your approach to live, you pretty much have life securely underway! 

Spontaneity is large part of your life as you possess an absolute zest for living. A passionate person, you are often quite enlightened and spiritual-minded, with a flair for all things unique!

You possess a deep intuition, which comes from a desire to find the true meaning in life, and is inspiring to others. 

A quick thinker, you are able to share your fire, and illuminate the way for others. Highly intelligent, you can grasp difficult concepts easily, and quite often seek to be recognised for this. 

Such intelligence may lead to impatience and intolerance toward others who are not up to your own standard though... you will try to teach them, but if they can't keep up... well, bye-bye! 

There can be a tendency for some hot-headed and fast responses; all depends on other elements in your chart. Remember fire likes to spread, can get out of control like a forest fire, and can either scorch you, or the person next to you... got a fire extinguisher handy..?

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