Feng Shui

Can I do Feng Shui myself?

Today's popular Magazines, Facebook shares, Pinterest graphics and Instagram posts offer up advice for the '10 Steps to Feng Shui' at every turn, so it does look easy doesn't it...

Do such articles represent this authentic art correctly...?

Do they consider the time of the house build, or the direction the property faces? 

What about the space around the home, the naturally occurring environment? 

Are they considering the materials to be used in the build or renovation? 

And most importantly, are they considering the people living in the home, or working in the office..? 

Highly unlikely. 

Tips and tidbits about Feng Shui can be helpful, can be inspiring, and can be fun. They cannot replace a trained professional. 

Authentic Feng Shui is a technical disciple that requires dedicated study and application for effective results.

Each space is unique and each of us will react differently to each space – there is no one size fits all.

Sometimes, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing…  especially when it says you can do it in a weekend..!

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Information provided by George Bennis

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