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Is there an optimum direction to face my home?

Authentic Feng Shui works with an understanding of time, and as such, that time can affect the building, and the people who live there.

There are 3 cycles of time that are 60 years each, with 3 periods within each cycle - twenty years in length. Each one will have indicators for the most favourable orientation for a home.

Therefore the best orientation will change every twenty years.

There are no preset 'good directions' or 'best top 10' as real Feng Shui considers the natural landforms around the home, and their direct affect on that home. 

Fast roads coming directly toward, or running past a home can affect the Qi enormously, and create issues with wealth and careers. 

Ugly mountains near the home, and worse, bearing down on / over a home can have a negative effect on relationships, health and wellbeing. 

There are however, 24 precise orientations that must be avoided during all time cycles, as the lives of those who live there will be challenging. A professional consultant can help you avoid these directions and create a home that melds beautifully with the environment.  

Because authentic Feng Shui considers the importance of time, consultants understand that the home Feng Shui will change every twenty years, and can make recommendations for the optimum location. 

What is good right now… might not be good in a few years. 

Information provided by George Bennis

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