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The previous house occupants had bad luck, will I?

Not necessarily.

What the previous people experienced is an indication, and is to be considered, but you are not them. You do not do the same job they do, or have the same family, so your experience in the home is likely to be quite different.

However, if numerous occupants have experienced similar issues, and the house has changed hands a lot, then clearly something is amiss, and you may experience issues also.

Such history can indicate the house has ‘bad Feng Shui’ but that does not mean it will always be that way. 

The Feng Shui of a house changes every 20 years, as there are 3 X 20 year cycles (called Periods) in authentic Feng Shui, each cycle with new influences.

What can be good in one period of time, can reverse to good fortune in another period of time.

Some houses can be so poorly designed and positioned, that they become very problematic for all who live there, regardless of what period of time it is.

Some houses affect certain individuals in a negative way, and some may simply need some Feng Shui remedies to mediate what has been negative to something more positive.

Feng Shui is dynamic, and as such, constantly changes. 

A trained professional can assess such activity, and advise precisely to achieve the best results.

Information provided by George Bennis    

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