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The previous house occupants had bad luck, will I?

Not necessarily.

A home in itself is not lucky or unlucky ~ it can however have access to good influences... and equally so, to bad influences...

What the previous people experienced is an indication, and is to be considered for sure, but you are not them.

Your birth chart is unique and will connect to the home uniquely ~ you may not have the same career as they did or have the same family, so your experiences in the home are likely to be quite different.

However, if numerous occupants have experienced similar issues, and the house has transferred owners lots, then clearly something is amiss ~ and you may be in for a rough ride.

Such history can indicate the house experienced ‘negative situations’ but that does not mean it will always be that way. The key word here is 'experienced.'

The Feng Shui of a house is permanent: just like you and I, it has a 'birth chart' that defines its character. Such a chart was created when the home was built, or when it underwent major renovations and mostly it won't change over the years.

However, your home is affected by a shuffle of the Feng Shui influencers advancing to the home, and these ones change every 20 years. (There are actually yearly influential changes too, and they can be managed with Annual Updates with a professional.)

You see there are cycles of time divided into 20 years each (called Periods) in authentic Feng Shui, and each cycle brings forward new influencers. We could say this is like a changing of the guards, of the governing leaders ~ those influencers I spoke to ~ and each time things shuffle, we feel it.

Kinda like a government change right, a new President or Prime Minister. They are in position for X number of years, and then they are voted out and a new governing body steps up to rule. Feng Shui has a somewhat parallel evolving process.

What can be good fortune in one period of time, can reverse to bad fortune in another period of time, so monitoring things over time is important.

Some houses can be so poorly designed and positioned, that they become problematic for all who live there, regardless of what period of time it is. You generally know these houses, they are unkempt, change owners often and show signs of dilapidation and stress. Yep, you definitely want to avoid these houses unless you have a trained professional with you who can assess things and determine if a technique to change the Feng Shui can be implemented. If unsure, best to step away ok.

It is important to remember that a house will affect you regardless of the wall colour, sofa position or how many bedrooms it has. Feng Shui is all about how the environment affects you, so clearly the 4 walls you decide to eat, sleep and be merry in will influence you right? Right.

Some houses affect certain individuals in a negative way, and some more positively. Some may simply need some Feng Shui remedies to mediate what has been negative to something more positive. Either way, always good to remember that nothing is carved in stone, and situations change, or can be changed, over time.

Of top importance is that Feng Shui is dynamic, and as such, constantly changes. Do not be afraid of change, it is our world, our life and how we operate, and sometimes a little change here and there can make a big impact!

While there is a heck of a lot you can do to improve the Feng Shui yourself, a trained professional can assess more accurately, and advise precisely how to achieve the best results for you and your family.

My advice, seek help as you prepare to make the biggest investment of your life and hire a Feng Shui professional to assess if this is the home for you.

Is it a lump of coal, or is it a diamond in the rough...?

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