Feng Shui

What exactly is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the study of how our environment influences our lives.

Feng Shui answers the question of why some places prosper and why others bring misfortune. 

Through the study of the landscape and the movements of time, the ancient Chinese realized that our lives are greatly influenced by the environment we live in. 

Further more, they realized these influences were cyclic.

Classical Feng Shui (also known as Flying Star Feng Shui) maps these cycles and shows how our cities, homes and buildings determine the level of fortune or good luck we receive.

The Feng Shui of a site is determined by the distribution of Qi (intangible energy) in that location. The quality of Qi is determined by the direction a building faces and the time cycle it was built in. 

In addition this energy interacts with the surrounding landscape to create specific influences on your life.

Each building will have its own effects upon the occupants. Some examples are a building that generates conflict between husband and wife. We can see a house of wealth, fortunate & health, or a home that generates the birth of intelligent children.

Feng Shui can be used to determine:

  • how a building will influence the occupants during any period of time,
  • preferred building site for a new construction,
  • most favorable orientation for ultimate success,
  • auspicious location for entrances,
  • optimum placement for bedrooms, and more!

Feng Shui can also be used to locate an existing building for a specific purpose or outcome. Secure the most prosperous suburbs now and into the future along with renovation advice with coordinating interior design to enhance the space.

Feng Shui can also be used for pre-purchase or pre-construction appraisal of a site.

Information provided by George Bennis

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