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Why should I learn Business Feng Shui

Did you know that a business consultation is different from a home ?

In a home the focus is on the mountain star because a home is yin, relative to a commercial premises which is yang. 

For a business the focus is on the water star, and how it can generate income for the business. 

Whether global, or local, a business has to be financially successful to grow, and this is where understanding business feng shui comes into position.  

There is so much to consider in a business consult.... which water star do you focus on? 

The water star at the facing, the water star at the door, or the water star at the water mouth?

Many practitioners are taught in period 8, you can only use water star 8, 9 and 1

Did you know ?

  • For some businesses the 8 water star will not be appropriate, due to it’s character 
  • All the stars are useable at all times, even the 5 
  • Qi waxes and wanes through the course of the year 
  • You use a different charting procedure for a business compared to a home 

In Business Feng Shui Course you will

  • Understand the personality of the stars
  • Know when to use the construction period of the building and when not to
  • Learn the importance of the incoming water and the water mouth (roads and paths in the urban context)
  • You will see what stars are activated and what type of qi is brought to the building when you learn how to identify the water mouth.
  • Know where to place the counter / cash register according to what type of business it is
  • Be able to place the accounts department, the sales team and the manager according to the stars
  • See how to activate the qi, identify the most favourable time for product launches, to move-in and to maximize space clearing

Information provided by George Bennis

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