Feng Shui

How does Feng Shui work?

Feng Shui works by examining the influence the 'built' and 'natural' environment has on your life. 

The Ancient Chinese observed that certain locations were fortunate while others were unfortunate.

Sites that had fertile soil, abundant water, were protected from strong winds and received sunlight and gentle breezes were considered good. 

Whilst locating a home or village at the end of a straight river or in a flood plain was considered not so good. 

Today we should follow the same principals. 

Feng Shui principles states that “water is responsible for wealth” and “mountain is responsible for health and people”. You may increase you prosperity by placing dams, ponds, pools and water features in the appropriate location.

One of the most powerful ways to increase the wealth and wellbeing of a society is to improve the health of the water ways and provide clean, fresh water. 

To have healthy people and communities 'Mountains' or 'Hills' must be present in the appropriate location. We can support the health and wellbeing of society by not compromising the integrity of the mountain ranges. 

Highways should not cut through the mountains, this is called “breaking the Dragon vein” nor should the hills be stripped of trees.

Choosing a site were the mountain and water are in harmony is the most important step in achieving good Feng Shui!

Information provided by George Bennis

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