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Find out why the 'Feng Shui Landscape' is important

Many people think that Feng Shui is some kind of new age interior decoration, with an Asian style, Statues of Buddha, dragons and vases with bamboo etc..

Whilst interior decoration is used to harmonize the qi or atmosphere of a home or office, the most potent application is site location, building design and landscaping. 

The landscape is the most potent Feng Shui influence, mountains relate to health and people, water relates to wealth. 

The art of Feng Shui is used to locate an auspicious landscape and  to design a building to align with the energy of the landscape.

Not every site has the ideal landscape configuration, so landscape design becomes an indispensable tool in maximizing the energy of home. 

Ponds and water features may be constructed to enhance the prosperity of a location and to dissolve harmful energies. 

Stones and boulders may be used to create landscaped “mountains” like those found in Chinese and Zen style gardens, whilst meandering paths allow the qi to be carried to the home in a natural, harmonious and affectionate way 

Water placement is crucial. A well placed pond, pool or water feature may bring prosperity, whilst incorrectly placed water may be disastrous. 

Always seek a flying star Feng Shui appraisal when considering buying a pool or water feature. 

A Feng Shui planned landscaped garden is more than beautiful, it adds value to you property, brings a sense of peace, tranquillity and good fortune!

Information provided by George Bennis

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