What do I need to know for a Plum Blossom Divination?

Plum Blossom Divination is a type of communication directly with the Universe, to get an image of what is likely to occur in the future.

However that same image can be interpreted in different ways! 

For Plum Blossom Divination, you don’t need to know a lot of difficult rules and formulas… It is a very simple and natural way to predict or forecast. 

It will be enough to know and understand what we have around us, and how we use our surroundings.

Of course, to be able to divine, you need to have a question or something bothering you… so you want to get an answer! 

There is some basic knowledge required for Plum Blossom Divination, and it is an understanding of the 8 trigrams. 

Once you are familiar with the 8 trigrams, your next step would be to:

  • Familiarize yourself with what a trigram represents
  • Learn to use logical deductions
  • Have imagination & inspiration, because this will help the you (the diviner) receive the message and understand the image!

If you can connect these areas, and relate trigrams to different states, you will get an accurate reading!

Maybe it's time we share a little sneak peak into the Plum Blossom course, and see two ways a Trigram can be seen in your world... 

Learn Plum Blossom with Olga!

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