What is a Day Master, and what does it mean to me..?

'Day Master' is a term used in Chinese Astrology to describe a specific area within your birth date. 

Once defined, this Day Master is like the lead character in a powerful novel, and will determine the story of your life... 

Your birth-date creates a visual chart of 8 characters (known as BaZi) with two characters stacking one atop each other into 4 columns (called Pillars) and break down to the Hour Pillar, Day Pillar, Month Pillar & Year Pillar. 

Each Pillar governs specific areas of your life, and the leader of the pack is the Day Pillar, and the top part of this Pillar is the Day Master

All other aspects of your chart are governed and directed by this Day Master, so you can see it is an incredibly important player in Astrology.... 

During a Chinese Astrology Reading, the consultant will view this Day Master to determine where your spouse is, how you are likely to make your wealth, what your life goals are, and even your relations with family members... it really is quite fascinating what can be derived from the day of your birth... 

Curious to know what your Day Master is...? 

Enter your birth information into our online calculator, click calculate. Look to the Day area, and make note of the word above the element (Earth-Metal-Water-Wood-Fire) which will be either: Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren or Gui

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