Yi Day Master

In Chinese Astrology, we like to use visuals to stimulate your imagination, and here with Day Masters, we really have some fun. 

Aha... so you are that crafty Yi person who is flexible, curious, and with the ability to move when situations change... I expect you are good at yoga too!  

You are the witty one, quite charming, and alarming good at getting what you want out of a negotiation... aren't you the clever one...  

Yi is visually like a vine creeper, as you have far more flexibility than your Jia counterpart, and can access nooks and cranny's to get wherever you need to go. 

You my friend, can look at any wall placed in front of you, and immediately start working out how to get around it right..? Right. 

I expect you are quite graceful in your moves, and your life, not pushy in any way, with a charm and adaptive approach that ensures you get the end result you seek, as where there is a will, you sure have a way... 

Creatively expressive, possibly artsy, or descriptive writing... you definitely enjoy unique creative outlets. 

Others may watch you for direction, as you know how to behave in social circles, and excellent manners are simply within your every move. 

All these lovely traits also show that you may not stand your ground as much as you could... work on that ok: you don't have to please everyone - you can't anyway... 

There is also a part of you that loves to entertain, do you like acting...? I expect you have dabbled somewhere, as there is a part of you that likes to perform and seeks the spotlight... Just like the flowering vine that grows upwards toward the sun... so too do you. 

Be aware that others have the power to prune you, or worse, cut you down to size (!) so remember that your opinion counts too! 

You may allow your emotions to sway you at times... and while I love your soft endearing heart, I admire your perseverance more, so go show 'em how it's done!

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