Bing Day Master

In Chinese Astrology, we like to use visuals to stimulate your imagination, and here with Day Masters, we really have some fun. 

For Bing, we need to envision the sun, the real huge, hot, bright, ever-burning, brilliant sun that radiates down upon us... That my friend, is you: and you are spectacular! 

As such a yang source of fire, you are like the energizer bunny, as there are no batteries or recharging required, in fact, you recharge everyone else with your energy. 

Uniquely special, you are usually calling the shots by yourself... 

Your generosity knows no bounds, and I expect you are extremely charitable, both with your time, your money, your mind... your life. 

Just like the sun rises every day, and sets every eve, you can be counted upon. Routine is very important to you, and you work best when you can organise everything, and have everyone else follow your direction. 

Such a strong core has a few downfalls as we must remember that the world does revolve around the sun.... not the other way around... and you are likely to consider yourself the centre of all things. 

Is this terrible..? Are you a horribly self-centred person...? Highly unlikely as your desire to help will override this mostly... 

Now there will be an ego within you, and only you can answer if it is in proportion... Can you have a solar flare up from time to time, and scorch those around you....? Sometimes yes... maybe tone it down a bit, and send a warm sunbeam rather than a lightening bolt ok... 

Whatever you decide to do in life, you will give it your all, and become successful, as that fire you hold within is very passionate... and I expect your life is full of passion 

Find out if you are you a Bing Day Master

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