Ding Day Master

In Chinese Astrology, we like to use visuals to stimulate your imagination, and here with Day Masters, we really have some fun. 

Such a gentle Yin fire, I liken you to a candle, as you most certainly light the way for others!

With your mind intently focused, you have the ability to shine a light for others to see down their dimly lit tunnel, and will be quite self-sacrificing in the process. 

You will find a way out of any dark situation, and genuinely like to assist others in need: yours is the hand held out openly for others to grasp. We can even say you are the defender of the weak, as you will champion a cause to ensure it gets the attention it deserves - simply remember to take care of yourself in the process! 

Unlike the Yang Fire of Bing, you are more understated, and less likely to be the centre of attention... but you may try to be..

Personified as this gentle candle that shines for others, the biggest challenge is that you are likely to burn down, run out of wick for fuel... and can be extinguished... 

This is a clear indicator that you must, and I mean must, take care of yourself. Carve out healing time, rejuvenating time, and personal time - others will keep demanding pieces of you, you will keep giving, and the best lesson in life for you is to learn to say no. 

A good friend of mine taught me that "when you learn to say no - you grow"  and this is especially true for you. 

Learn to be part of a team, and understand that strength for you may come in numbers or partnerships, so surround yourself with the right people. 

Such a razor sharp intelligence, you can be quite cheeky, so be prepared to land in hot waters if you pursue such a witty path. 

Be aware that your thoughts can be manipulated, and it is best you continually build your knowledge, as that will give you the stability and reassurance you seek.

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