Ji Day Master

In Chinese Astrology, we like to use visuals to stimulate your imagination, and here with Day Masters, we really have some fun.

The best visual that comes to mind for you as Yin Earth, is that of nurturing soil, as you have this innate power to grow others to fruition, and that my friend is truly amazing! 

You are incredibly resourceful, and just like your Wu Yang Earth counterpart, are very well connected: I expect everyone knows your name... 

Very capable and productive, you have many talents within your toolbox, however you probably hide what you can do behind your gracious and unassuming soft-spoken approach - you may need to showcase what you can do more... 

With an adaptable point of view, you can see things others miss, as you take the time to look closely and consider all the options, not just the first one appearing. 

Hardworking is simply who you are, and you don't wear that as a badge of honour, you simply 'do' and get on with it. 

Others come to you as you know where the connections are, who to go to, who has what, and in today's modern world, you are excellent on the internet... probably have google search as your home page... 

There is a true aspect of servitude about you, no I don't mean you cannot lead, as you certainly can. I refer to your desire to help, your community minded concerns, and your love of taking care of others. 

A gentle soul, you may hide things within at times, but once your friends get to know you... boy are they lucky, as you are a most dear friend for life!

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