Ren Day Master

In Chinese Astrology, we like to use visuals to stimulate your imagination, and here with Day Masters, we really have some fun. 

From the darkest deepest depths... to the glistening cresting waves above, there is oh so much about you as Yang Water isn't there! I liken you to the largest ocean, far reaching with unfathomable depths, and restlessly moving, even when you appear calm on the surface. 

A tremendously deep thinker, your emotions run wild, and this may cause some anxieties through life, so always seek the sun to maintain a healthy warm balance. 

We say the ocean and the sun have a most harmonious relationship, as the ocean enjoys the warm rays of the sun as they reach down, and the sun loves to see its image upon the reflective surface of the ocean.... 

There is an intensity about you, something is always shifting behind those eyes of yours, and others may be ill at ease in your presence. 

Will you use this to their disadvantage..? 

Yes sometimes you will, so please be mindful of how you make others feel. 

You possess an unstoppable nature, one that can gush forth like a crashing wave, and then recede stealthily like the outgoing tide. This makes you a dynamic individual with a zest for movement and a thirst for travel - you should definitely travel by the way. 

Highly intelligent, you are innovative, creative and likely to lead or be an entrepreneur, and others will follow in your wake. 

Your inner adventurous nature will take you far, and may encourage you to stray to pastures new, and there is most definitely a free spirited sense to who you really are... 

Sometimes you may seek new shores to crash your waves upon... and I ask you to be aware of this desire to experience change, as the sand is not always more golden on such new shores... even though it beckons you with a glistening promise...

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