Gui Day Master

In Chinese Astrology, we like to use visuals to stimulate your imagination, and here with Day Masters, we really have some fun. 

Ahh... the tip tap of the gentle rainfall, the early morning dew, and the gently forming mist on a Autumnal day... all of these describe your Yin Water beautifully! 

Where Ren is the vibrant ocean, you are the liquid love that embraces each day, and your gentleness is paramount in everything you do. 

Encouraging to others, you nurture, you create, and your inspiring presence caresses those near and dear to you. 

A gifted speaker, you are clearly eloquent, and most kind in all you say, and I highly doubt a harmful word comes forth... and if it were to escape (as to err is human after all) you would quickly rescind it, with a heartfelt apology. 

Others may mistake you for a soft person... however there is a strong inner resilience that can overflow and flood if the need arises... Those who mistakenly try to control you, will feel this from time to time, as you cannot be contained. 

A free spirit, there is a wanderlust within, and you simply must be allowed freedom. 

A very wise soul, you can advise extremely well, and are a natural born philosopher with a very intuitive view on life. 

I expect some of your nearest friends may not fully understand you, as you are somewhat of an enigma. So much going on within that mind of yours, and you likely use this to your advantage, and enjoy keeping others guessing.... cool, I love a bit of mystery!

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