Xin Day Master

In Chinese Astrology, we like to use visuals to stimulate your imagination, and here with Day Masters, we really have some fun. 

You know, they say diamonds are a girls best friend... so boy are you popular! 

As Yin Metal, oh my, you are like a delicate sparkling jewel, most often externally beautiful, and very attractive to the opposite sex... whichever opposite one that is. 

Diamonds are a great visual that reflect who you are, as there is an inner sparkle that catches other's attention, even when you are not trying to... 

Appearance is important to you, and a gym membership (or two) is most definitely in your wallet, as you take great pride in how you look. 

This also trails over to clothing, and I bet you have 3 of everything... and probably more than 1/2 of your shared closet space.... as well as the closet down the hall... and the one in the guest room... 

Your home is likely to have some of the luxury items you adore, and you feel it is important to surround yourself with beautiful things - this is Aok... as long as you can afford them

Try to balance your raven moments (shiny things do catch your eye...) with logic and practical application, otherwise you may find yourself with a rather large shiny credit card bill... 

Understand that others will watch you, so be aware of your actions, and build your connections well. Some people may stay aloof, as they are unclear of your intent, and may be uneasy with all that glitters around you, so ensure they can see the jewel you are within. 

A trusted confidante, you hold friendships most dear, and are a very considerate and thoughtful person indeed.

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