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Where is the wealth corner in my house..?

Absolutely no idea... :)  

Ok, ok, maybe I better explain this a little more

The 'wealth corner' is a concept derived from a non-classical method of Feng Shui. The home/space is divided into 8 quadrants creating a square shape you lay over your floor plan, and each quadrant then governs a particular aspect: wealth, romance, career success etc...  

The concept looks super easy, and appeals to many for its one-stop-shop approach, and has gained popularity in a world where 'instant fix' is the go word. However, this method is static, and fails to consider the dynamic nature of Qi, the landscape, the occupants, and is a completely stagnant way of looking at Feng Shui.

Classic Feng Shui will study the landscape (forms) and the time (dynamic structure) to evaluate many considerations for the home and its occupants. 

Classic Feng Shui is the art and science of understanding how the environment will affect you, and there simply is no one size fits all. 

Just like you and I are not defined by one size, one colour or one ethnicity, each of us is unique, and it is the same with Classic Feng Shui.  

Sure, Classic Feng Shui will look to where the Prosperity Qi in the home is, and how to support, circulate and share that prosperity with the occupants. That can relate directly to wealth, but wealth is not something you find in a corner: it is within your actions combined within a location. Understanding how to activate Feng Shui opens up possibilities and potentials, not a treasure chest hidden in a corner closet..! 

Try not to fall into the allure of 'Feng Shui in a weekend', and 'corners that magically cure all'.... Maintain a logical approach, and ask yourself if a system seems logical - never hand over your decision-making to someone else.    

Classic Feng Shui will look for and encourage unobstructed movement of Qi flow, often using curving internal pathways and connections - no dark, dingy corners allowed! 

The only corners you need in your house, are the ones that connect your walls, and provide stability and protection in the place you call home! 

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