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Secret of the Calabash

An important Feng Shui item used by Feng Shui Professionals to help with sickness is the Calabash, and there is a lot of confusion over what this item is, and how it works. 

Let us discuss how a Calabash must be created to work effectively, and if you are interested in a more in-depth understanding, check out our Calabash blog  and you'll learn about some cool Trigrams! 

The Calabash is not a superstitious item, as many may have thought...

Ok, let's get down to business, as there are some key aspects that must be correct for a Calabash to be effective. 

Personally, I have seen a lot of Calabashes prepared incorrectly, and that is a no-no! 

The hole in the Calabash is the 'mouth' and as such, represents the Dui Trigram (did you check out the blog yet...?) and it must be represented properly on the Calabash for the healing energy to work.

Would you like to see how we isolate a Trigram on a real Calabash, and where the mouth needs to be...? 

Wonderful, I have a short video prepared to help you on your way! 


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